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2022 Is the Year of Clean!

We’re taking you on a walk down memory lane to look at our biggest cleaning wins in 2021, and we’re prepping for 2022 to be the year of clean!

The HK team has put their great minds together to answer this one question:

How can we make 2022 amazing for our favorite customers (that’s you!) and our new ones, too?


After all, that is what we’re best at: bringing sparkle and shine to carpet, area rugs, upholstery, tile and natural stone.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

We’ll take a look at a few of our favorite success stories from each of our services in 2021,

beginning with in-home carpet cleaning and repair.


In-home carpet cleaning and repair

Wrinkly bedroom carpet 

A heavy bed and foot traffic caused the carpet backing to loosen over time.

By stretching the carpet, re-securing it to the edges of the room, and then a good clean, this carpet is ready for years of more abuse.

Smelly, urine-soaked carpet

“Ooh” this one was bad. A smelly, urine-soaked carpet that was the result of a not-very-responsible pet sitter.

This took a lot of cleaning and deodorizing to remove the pungent urine odor and pet stains, but we did it with success. YAY!

(We bet that the pet sitter will not be back anytime soon!)

Next, we’ll move on to one of our specialties.

Area and Oriental rug cleaning

The battle with red wine

Believe it or not, this hand-made silk rug had never been put on the floor. It was used as a centerpiece in the middle of the dining table.

During dinner one of the guests knocked over his glass of red wine (Note: White wine never spills, in case you didn’t know!) It stained the fringe, which was also silk.

The owners of this showpiece were wise enough to leave it to the experts at HammondKnoll. We were able to successfully remove the wine stain without damaging the fibers of the fringe (aka tassels).

Do you think the guest will be invited back?

Needless to say, this poor baby was not only full of cat urine but also mildewed. Let’s just say the odor was foul.

Fortunately for the rug, our fantastic rug technicians were able to submerge the rug in a tank that removes the odor with an enzyme product. It was then cleaned multiple times.

Voila! Just like that, it looks practically new – and the best news is that the odor is gone!

Next up, another specialty!

Leather cleaning and restoration

The dirty leather chair

Cat urine + mildew = a pretty bad scene

This was one well used leather chair. It was really rather unbelievable how dirty it was.  Must have been the husband’s chair! (Just kidding! )

It’s a good thing leather can be fairly easy to clean when done professionally and, after a multistep process, the chair turned out amazingly clean.

It’s the foot’s fault

Besides the arms of a chair or sofa, the footstool takes a lot of abuse – especially when it’s the favorite spot for the cat to hang out.

In this case, the leather had scratches from the kitty claws and the finish (color) had worn off the top of the leather.

We stripped the top coat, cleaned the leather, filled in the scratches, and then applied a light colorant to the entire piece.

Now the putty-tat has a place to hang out. (Watch out, Sylvester!)

This was one messy outdoor cushion. In the beautiful PNW, outdoor furniture sure takes abuse during the wet months, as well as patios, walkways, and pool decks. (Yes, we can spruce those up too! Just sayin’! ‍♀️ ).

The owner of this cushion brought one of the worst cushions into our facility for a “free” test cleaning. After she saw the amazing results, she brought the rest of the sofa cushions and lounge cushions in, saving her a lot of money in lieu of replacement.

The 50’s design is back in style.

This sofa was found by our customer at a consignment store and needed a bit of attention, to say the least.

It was spot treated and cleaned, not once, but twice, bringing sparkle and shine back to the fabric.

Now the sofa is ready to rock the retro.

Next up: Hard surface restoration (tile, stone, hardwood and luxury vinyl tile) is one of our most transformational cleaning services

Hard surface restoration

Soot and scum

This dirty hardwood floor brought frowns to the dentist’s office. That is, until the office called on Knoll’s experts to give it a safe, low-moisture cleaning which removed all of the embedded soil from the hardwood – including the trapped dirt in the joints.

This is a case where we turned that frown upside down!

Time for custom rug fabrication and carpet edging. This service is magical!

Custom rug fabrication and carpet edging
A Designer’s Vision Turned Into A Beautiful Custom Rug

This rug was custom made to fit under a very long dining table. We assisted the designer with how much carpet she would need to order.

We then cut and seamed the carpet together to make a custom, one of a kind rug, making the designer a cheerleader for her client. That’s what we love to do!

A sentimental damaged rug

The owner of this rug was heartbroken. She had a fire in her home that left the edges of the rug damaged. It also had a thick layer of soot on it, not to mention the burnt odor from the smoke damage.

This rug was an heirloom passed on from her mother.

We were able to effectively clean the rug, remove the odor, and salvage what we could out of the non damaged edges.  Finally, we applied a surging to the outer edges of the carpet that complemented the field colors.

This rug has many more years left, thanks to Knoll.


Heading into 2022 with CLEAN on the agenda

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, a new cleaning challenge pops up. Who better to tackle the challenge than HammondKnoll?

We are giddy with excitement to make 2022 the year of CLEAN!!!