8 Ways Your Rug Is Letting You Know It’s Ready for a Deep Clean

Find out what your area and Oriental rugs are trying to tell you. (Hint: They might be crying out for a deep-down clean!)

Area rugs make any space feel more cozy and they take the look up a notch, too.

The style of rug you choose can set the style tone for the whole room.

Chances are, you have at least one in your home. Probably more.

What you may not know is that your area rugs may be crying out for attention. They’re feeling the pain of neglect. The agony of germy invaders on their turf. The shame of looking unkempt and dirty.

That route may seem tempting, quick, and simple.

But the truth is, what you’re getting from a rented rug cleaner isn’t the deep clean you’re looking for and it can actually damage your rugs by causing the dye to run or the fibers to become distorted.

Professionally-trained technicians know how to clean your rugs without damaging them. Trust them to handle your regular maintenance and don’t try to DIY it.

Pro Tip: There are some really reputable cleaning companies (*wink, wink – HammondKnoll) who may offer a pick-up and delivery service, too, which makes the whole process super convenient!

Let the experts do what they do best and ensure that the foundation of your rugs stays strong and enjoy a healthy life.

How do you know your rug’s ready for a deep clean?

So, what are the tell-tale signs that your rug is in the depths of despair and needs some TLC ASAP?

Take your time going through this list and see if anything sounds familiar!

1. Dry rot

Without proper care, your rug’s fibers and foundation can become fragile and start to fall apart. And, unfortunately, if your rug is at this point, it’s not able to be remedied.

It’s caused by an excess of moisture. In your home, it’s often the result of a couple of different culprits: pet accidents and giving your houseplants too much water.

Of course, you can avoid dry rot by cleaning up spills and messes as soon as they happen and having your rug deep cleaned before the moisture has time to really soak in and cause larger issues.

2. Excessive wear

There are a few things that cause a rug to get worn and none of them are surprising. Lots of foot traffic and bearing the weight of heavy furniture are two of the most common.

You can prevent wear from happening so rapidly by using a quality rug pad.

This is also another situation in which you don’t want to attempt a DIY deep cleaning. Let the pros handle your delicate rugs that are showing excessive wear.

3. Migrating dye

As you can probably tell by now, moisture can be your rug’s worst enemy. It’s certainly the case when it comes to dye migration.

Too much moisture (like the kind that comes from a rented cleaning machine that over saturates and pet urine) causes the dyes in the rug to run. The high pH levels of pet urine also contribute to the problem.

4. Fading

Fading usually happens when your rug gets too much light exposure. It’s commonly the result of sunlight, ozone gasses that cause oxidation or even using bleach on your rug.

Your best bet is to rotate any rugs that get sun exposure on a regular basis. And, of course, have those rugs cleaned regularly by professionals, too. (You’re going to be hearing that a lot because it’s so important! )

5. Damaged fringe

Your rug’s fringe can be damaged by a number of factors.

When placed in a high-traffic area, the fringe can start to look worse for the wear. Two additional culprits are pets and using a vacuum that uses brush agitation.

Finally, your rug’s fringe can suffer damage when it’s cleaned improperly. (Remember: Don’t DIY it and let the pros do their job!)

6. Odor

There are a lot of things that can cause your rugs to smell less-than-delightful.

Spilled food that doesn’t get cleaned up right away, certain cleaners, and, of course, pet urine. And it just gets worse when the rug is soiled and doesn’t have the chance to dry out as it should.

Guess what? If your rug is stinky, it’s time for a deep cleaning! At HammondKnoll, we have the perfect facilities for caring for your rug, including a safe place to dry completely.

7. Insect damage

You may want to get your barf bag ready for this one because it’s pretty…unsavory, to say the least.

If you have rugs made of natural fibers, insects want to eat ( ) the gross, icky contamination that collects in the fibers.

But wait, it gets worse: Moths and other insects have a favorite “meal.” It’s pet urine.

Before you lose your lunch, you can avoid this disgusting travesty.

Yep, you guessed it! Regular deep cleaning will get rid of the insects’ food sources and you’ll prevent unsightly holes (and mental image).

8. Shading and pooling

“Shading” and “pooling” are words that describe rugs that have bent, eroded, or frayed, causing them to reflect light in such a way that they appear shaded.

It’s usually caused by pivoting motions in high-traffic areas.

Take good care of your area rug so that it doesn’t end up looking like the example above. (By this point, we know you know what “taking good care” of your rug means! )

Trust your area rug cleaning professionals

Pay attention to these eight ways to tell that your rugs are in need of a deep cleaning. Your best bet, though, is to stay ahead of the game and have your rugs cleaned on a regular schedule.

You’ll avoid permanent, irreversible damage and ensure you get your money’s worth out of your rug.

Here’s a quick recap of what to watch out for/avoid:

  1. Dry rot
  2. Excessive wear
  3. Migrating dye
  4. Fading
  5. Damaged fringe
  6. Odor
  7. Insect damage
  8. Shading and pooling

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