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Area Rug Cleaning Cost: How Much?

Area rug cleaning is vital if you want your rug to keep bringing beauty to your space. Find out what you need to know about area rug cleaning cost.

How Much Will It Cost to Clean My Area Rug?

It’s a well known fact that area rugs need to be cleaned regularly to look their best and last their longest, plain and simple. Unfortunately, professional cleaning sometimes isn’t quite so simple. The first step is figuring out the price, but how do  you do that? There are a lot of questions that go into deciding whether to clean your area rug. How does the cost vary between weaves and fabrics? How does it vary between sizes? How can you tell? Is the cleaning even worth the cost, or is it time to get a new rug all together? 

These are all important factors to consider, though it may seem confusing at first glance. The good news is, if you don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to get an accurate cost-analysis on your rug and determine once and for all, “to clean, or not to clean?”

The Area Rug Cleaning Cost Formula

To put it simply, typical area rug cleaning prices will vary depending on the size and type of rug, but the average cost is usually somewhere between $1.64 to $7.12 per square foot. However, these prices don’t mean a thing if without context. Getting an accurate estimate is easy, however. Simply multiply the length of the rug by the width to determine its square footage. That total is multiplied by the price-per-square-foot to get the cost, and there you have it!

For example, a rug that is 4 feet wide and 6 feet long is 24 square feet.The next step is to multiply 24 by the square footage price. If the cost per square foot is $1.64, the cost of cleaning would be $39.36.                                                 NOTE: While all cleaning costs are calculated based on a rug’s square footage, we do round up or down to the nearest inch, so these prices may vary slightly.

Price Per Fabric Type

Before reading each of the following descriptions, look at the back or corner of your rug for a tag specifying the fiber content, as there are many different types of material that area rugs tend to be made of, and this affects the price and often the cleaning method. Often, the sizes are also included on the tag. Here are some examples of the price you may pay for cleaning your area rugs or oriental rugs:

  • Domestic rug/carpet: $1.64 per square foot
  • Synthetic area rug: $2.69 per square foot
  • Machine-made wool rug: $3.55 per square foot
  • Handmade wool rugs: $4.16 per square foot
  • Hand washing specialty rugs, tapestries & hides: $7.12 per square foot

Note: The question of whether there are any types of area rug that cannot be cleaned sometimes comes up among our customers, but we are happy to say that there is no such thing. All types of area rugs can–and should–be cleaned.

Determining Rug Cleaning Costs 

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the cost of area rug cleaning, based on the based fiber, style, and type of rug you have.

Domestic rugs/carpets cleaning cost

The term ‘domestic’ refers to a piece of regular carpet with binding or edging. Carpet fibers that contain nylon, polypropylene (aka olefin), triexta, and polyester fall under this category. You can expect to pay approximately $1.64 per square foot to have your domestic carpet cleaned.

Pricing example: For a 5′-7″ x 8′-2″ (44 square feet) domestic rug with general soiling, you would pay around $72.16.

Synthetic area rug cleaning cost

Synthetic rugs will typically have a pattern and/or be multi-colored, and are usually made with olefin, polypropylene and nylon. You’ll find them at major retailers, and they can have a “plastic” or “coarse” feel. The cost to clean a synthetic area rug is about $2.69 per square foot.

Pricing example: For a 3’6″ x 5’2″ olefin rug with fringes on the ends and moderate soiling, you’ll pay around $50.35.

It’s important to note that the tassels or fringes are included in the size measurement.

Machine-made wool rug cleaning cost

Some popular types of machine-made wool rugs are brands like Wiltons, Karastan, Couristan, as well as styles such as braided, hook rugs and hand-tufted. These rugs, as well as other machine-made wool rugs, are typically purchased from stores such as Macy’s or IKEA, and have a soft feel, though it’s not quite as soft as cotton or silk. Typically, the fibers are a bit thicker than a synthetic rug. The cost of cleaning machine-made wool rugs is approximately $3.55 per square foot.

Pricing example: An 8′-8″ x 12′ machine-made wool rug with or without fringe and heavy soiling will cost about $377.0 

Handmade wool rug cleaning cost

There are many different types of handmade (aka “hand-tied”) wool rugs. Because there are so many varieties, you’ll find differences in how dense and how thick they are. They can come from many different countries, but that does not affect the pricing. A handmade wool rug will cost approximately $4.16/square foot.

Pricing example: A 6′-1″x 9′-2″ hand-tied rug with moderate soil and stains would cost approximately $224.64.

Specialty rug cleaning cost.

Specialty includes tapestries, faux silk, viscose, silk rugs, Kilims, animal skins and camel bags. Though prices aren’t quite as concrete as with other types of rugs, the cost will be around $7.12 per square foot. 

Pricing example: A delicate 2′-6″ x 2′-6″ wall-hanging with light soiling will run approximately $44.50.

Additional Area Rug Cleaning Services

What are the costs for additional rug cleaning services?

Cleaning your area rug regularly is essential. Even one cleaning can help prolong your rug’s life by preventing dust, dirt and soil from breaking down its fibers over time. But while a simple cleaning is great, sometimes, that’s not all the attention your rugs need. In addition to area rug cleaning, here are some other services we offer:

Pad cleaning

Some pads can be cleaned, such as Durahold, DownUnder and No Muv. If you purchased your pad through HammondKnoll, it’s likely that it can be cleaned. Anti-allergen treatment takes care of dust mites, pet dander and other allergens in rugs, and it can also be used for upholstery, mattresses and carpet.

Anti-allergen treatment costs $.58 per square foot.

Wool treatment

This application is for a material that may come into contact with moths and can be applied after a rug has been cleaned. It can repel any moths or larva from penetrating the fiber.

Wool treatment costs $1.16 per square foot.

Topical deodorization

Some rugs may have a light odor from cooking, pet messes or even mildew, which, while unpleasant, isn’t a very big issue. If the odor is not strong, topical deodorization will most likely take care of the issue.

Topical deodorization will cost you about $.81 per square foot.


This treatment is mainly used for heavy odors such as pet urine, smoke, skunk or any other pungent odor. If the smell is close to unbearable and/or extremely persistent, it’s time to use this process. There are a few options from which to choose:

  • The cost of antimicrobial/disinfectant is $2.36 per square foot.
  • Wrapping in paper (for safe long term storage of rugs) is $.45 per square foot.
  • Ozone treatment is available (for extreme smoke and food odors) and requires a custom estimate.

Keep in mind that the turn-around time is two weeks, including the cleaning process.

How Long Does Area Rug Cleaning Take?

Area rug cleanings are usually done in approximately one week, but may require two weeks if your rug needs repairs, has significant pet-urine stains/odors or is getting an antimicrobial treatment.

Additional Particulars 

Each rug has a minimum cleaning price of $25, which is not valid with discount or other offers. Free pickup and delivery are available when our truck is in your area during weekdays. (If you want to discuss a different day, don’t hesitate to give us a call.)

What Does Hammond  Knoll’s Process Look Like? 

Knowing that all area rugs can be cleaned, the question then becomes: Is it worth it? Usually, the answer is, “Yes!” 

Why? Consider the amount of foot traffic your rug experiences every day. Whether you can see the grime or not, the chances are, if you haven’t cleaned it in a while, your rug probably needs some quality TLC. Here at HammondKnoll, we’ve cleaned our fair share of area rugs. Our many years of experience means we can estimate the basic cleaning costs quickly. We’ll ask you some questions about your expectations and give you the knowledge you need to weave together an informed decision for your beloved area rug. 

Why Trust Hammond Knoll? 

Constantly replacing your area rugs can take a toll on your budget–and your heart; especially when you have antique hand-me-down items, or items of sentimentality that have been in your family for years. That’s where we come in. Hammond Knoll is here to keep your furniture and upholstery in the best condition with affordability, and we’re always open to answer any questions. Our expert rug specialists are the best in the industry when it comes to cleaning and problem-solving. Contact us for area rug repair service anywhere from Puyallup, to Tacoma, to Olympia today; 100% satisfaction guaranteed.