Maintenance & Spot-Cleaning Tips for Longer Lasting Carpet

Extend the life of your carpet with carpet maintenance and spot cleaning tips, plus 5 reasons consumers replace their carpet and how to avoid it!

Whether you have new carpet or have just had your carpet cleaned, maintenance is of the up most importance to extend the life of your carpet.

The top 5 reasons consumers replace their carpet are:

  • Permanent staining
  • Worn and matted in the walk-ways
  • Health reasons (mostly allergies)
  • Out of style
  • Replace with a hard-surface floor due to maintenance

We will try to not bore you to tears as we break down the top five reasons for replacing carpet as listed above with tips on how to avoid the problems in the first place. Then we will get to spot cleaning tips.


Permanent Staining-Let’s be real, keeping the dog off of the carpet, or the guest from spilling red wine or let’s take ownership to our own mishaps that “COFFEE” spill first thing in the morning, all are nearly impossible. Coincidentally, those are three of the most common stains our technicians battle every day.

Solution-Assuming we both agree that those pesky mishaps will happen, the important action is to be prepared, by the word “pre” we mean in advance. If the carpet is new the manufacturer will have had some sort of a “pre” applied Protectorant to the fiber at the mill.

Even though carpet is typically treated with carpet protection when it’s produced, that protection eventually weakens. It’s the inevitable outcome of daily foot traffic, vacuuming, soil and dirt. We recommend applying carpet protector after every cleaning. For homes with kids and pets, there’s no question you need extra carpet protection. 


By applying a fiber protection the life of the carpet will be extended for the following three reasons:

1. Applying protection will repel stains, giving you time to clean up the mess before it is absorbed into the fibers. Imagine a car that has been freshly waxed, how the water beads up on the car, that is the same reaction when a protectorant is applied to carpet.


2. Prevents sun fade – especially homes with large windows facing the west, lucky to have the sun shining in the windows thru the evening, however carpet, upholstery, leather and rugs without protection can quickly fade.

3. A busy household with children, dogs and cats can cause heavy wear in the most used traffic areas in the home (family rooms, halls, and stairs to name a few). A protectorant will not allow soiling to adhere to the fiber, carpet with soiling that is not protected is like sand paper between the fibers of the carpet, which over time will cause worn fibers.

PS Having a protectorant applied will also make the clean-ability of the carpet fiber easier and more importantly with much better cleaning results.


Worn and matted in the walk-ways aka traffic areas-imagine the filter on your furnace after pulling it out to clean it every 3-6 months or so? Oil, pet hair, lint and who knows what else has been trapped by the filthy filter. Now again, imagine your carpet-sorry to be the one to break it to you but IT IS A FILTER TOO!

Add pet dander, dirt, pollutants and soiling from the outside, all those “things” that are attached to a fiber, break it down as we move around the house on a daily basis.

Solution-vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, did someone say vacuum? As a rule of thumb, you should vacuum at least once a week with a quality vacuum cleaner. However, the more foot traffic over your carpet, the more you need to vacuum. The general formula is:

  • Vacuum daily in high-traffic or pet areas.
  • Vacuum twice weekly in medium-traffic areas.
  • Vacuum weekly in light-traffic areas, using attachments at carpet edges

Health-dust mites, a tiny creature living in your carpet, bedding, and furniture that feed on dead skin. These adorable little creatures cause a multiple of allergy symptoms and may be the most common trigger of year-round allergies and asthma.

Solution-Here is that word again…vacuum and regular carpet cleaning, the most effective is hot water extraction . There are a few myths about allergies and keeping carpet in the home that are just not true. Grooming the dog, wash bedding in hot water and de-cluttering will dramatically reduce dust mites as well. An anti-dust mite additive can be professionally applied after cleaning.

Out of style-If your carpet is out of style you have one of two options:

1. Replace it!

2. Wait for it to come around back into style

Replace carpet with a hard-surface floor-the rumor about hard-surface floors such as; hardwood, tile, natural stone, luxury vinyl tile and laminate floors (too name a few) are that they are “low” maintenance. About 35% of our business is maintaining and repairing hard-surface floors, with that being said, customers have expressed their regret due to the expense at having to tackle the following:

  • Etched or scratched stone such as marble, granite, limestone and slate
  • Even when mopped regularly-soiling gets trapped and is nearly impossible to remove without professional cleaning
  • Cracked or loose tile
  • Stained, bleached and chipped grout

Solution-I am going to say it again; vacuum regularly and most importantly don’t wait five years to have your carpets cleaned. Most carpet warranties require a professional cleaning once per year, but it depends on the usage; let’s take a living room or spare bedroom that are used very little; every 18-24 months is efficient as long as the carpet is vacuumed regularly. A family room, hall or bedroom should be cleaned every 8-12 months.


Spot Cleaning Tips

Pet urine, coffee and red wine are the three most common cleaning tips we are asked for by our customers each and every day.

Note: Do not use products from your local store unless they have been approved by your carpet manufacturer, the Carpet and Rug Institute or Woolsafe  Some of these products contain bleaches which will damage the stain even further or even worse bleach the carpet, it will also void manufacture warranties.

The following 2 solutions will be required together with a white absorbent cloth or tissue.

Detergent Solution: Hammond Knoll Spot Be Gone (stop by for a free bottle) or substitute one teaspoon of liquid dish washing detergent to 1/2 pint of warm water.

Detergent/Vinegar Solution: Add one teaspoon of White Vinegar to the Detergent solution.

And now for the cleaning tips:

Urine: Blot up the surplus spillage. Use detergent/vinegar solution. Work from the outer edge of the stain, using a little at a time and blotting up with dry cloths frequently.

Coffee: Coffee/Tea: Blot up the surplus spillage. Use detergent solution, and follow with vinegar. Work from the outer edge of the stain, using a little at a time and blotting up with dry cloths frequently.

Red Wine: Blot up the surplus spillage. Use detergent/vinegar solution. Work from the outer edge of the stain, using a little at a time and blotting up with dry cloths frequently.


Got other stains? No worries, download our “free” spot cleaning guide

Got Wool? No worries everything listed on our spot cleaning guide is safe, or for more suggestions click here

Let’s wrap it up, remember to vacuum regularly, have your carpets cleaned, apply a protection after cleaning and be active about removing stains (with approved products) immediately after they happen.