Carpet Repair

If you’re unsure how to keep your carpets immaculate, worry not, as we’re here to guide you. Read on to discover the steps to take during the cleaning process.

Sometimes all the magic tricks in the world cannot magically remove stains out of carpet. There is one trick to make a stain disappear, removing a square piece of carpet around the stain and replacing it with the same carpet used from an extra piece that is available, a closet or hidden area. The stained piece or another piece of similar carpet can be installed in the area that the carpet was “borrowed” from. If extra carpet is available that is a bonus.  The industry term for this is called “sectioning”.  One thing to keep top of mind is the piece of carpet sectioned in will most likely be a newer piece and will be slightly visible for a period of time until it’s traveled on again.  It’s always better than the original stain.


#2 Wrinkled carpet

Most commonly in the high traffic areas

Carpets wrinkle for a couple of different reasons, the most common cause is an improper installation, when the carpet is not acclimated to the temperature of the home prior to installation or if the carpet is not stretched in tight enough, over time the carpet relaxes causing a wavy effect in the room.  Moisture and humidity can also cause wrinkles in carpet. 

The glue on the backing of the carpet can be damaged from pet urine or solvents causing a bubble in the carpet.

Stretching of the carpet by a professional will remove the wrinkles.  One thing to keep in mind; carpet that is installed let’s say in a hallway with three doorways that all have carpet seamed attached to the hall carpet, at the time the carpet is stretched all the seams will need to be taken apart, the carpet stretched then re-seamed together.  It’s definitely doable, it is just a bit more time consuming then a square room.

Bubbles can be repaired as well, with a little adhesive, weight and patience while it dries.


#3 Bleach stains

A majority of the time carpet spotters such as Oxy-Fresh and Resolve can cause the carpet fibers to bleach

Most of the time carpet can be re-dyed back to an almost perfect color match (expect it to be a shade off). Depending on the age of the carpet, fiber and bleaching agent that was used on the carpet will determine if the fiber will accept the dye, which is tested prior to starting. If the fiber won’t accept the dye, sectioning of the carpet can be done as noted above.

The question of the hour…replace it or fix it?

Fix it, save money by avoiding carpet replacement costs, not to mention the inconvenience of disrupting life.

We bet we can guess your next question?  How much?

There is a minimum cost to do any type of carpet repair $165 (inside our service area).  If another service is being done at the same time the minimum covers both services ie; if you have carpets that need to be cleaned and a dime sized bleach spot that needs to be dyed, during the same trip we would charge a small amount for the dye.  Sectioning is figured in the same manner.

Stretching carpet-$10-$15 per square yard. 

The cost for stretching varies depending on the need to move furniture, how many seams need to be opened and re-seamed or which type of equipment is require



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