3 Ways Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Save Money

If you’re unsure how to keep your carpets immaculate, worry not, as we’re here to guide you. Read on to discover the steps to take during the cleaning process.

Why you shouldn’t drop commercial carpet cleaning services when the economy is down:

  1. Your carpet won’t last.
  2. Employee health will suffer.
  3. You’ll lose customers.

You’ve got a big job to do.

It’s up to you to make sure your office space is clean and well-maintained.

But when the economy is suffering, your instinct may be to save money and cut out commercial carpet cleaning.

You may think you’re saving money, but you’re really not.


Here’s why putting regular maintenance like commercial carpet cleaning services for your office or building on the back burner when the economy is suffering is a terrible idea.

3 Reasons to Use Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

1. Your carpet won’t last

Modern carpets are made with durable fibers that are meant to last a long time.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t need care.

While carpet manufacturers have made flooring that hides dirt, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there, doing it’s dirty work, causing damage.

Without proper maintenance, you’ll notice that the high-traffic areas are starting to look gray as the carpet fibers get crushed due to ingrained dirt.

You can think of it in the way sandpaper scuffs up wood. Every time someone walks on carpet that has dirt, dust and debris in it, it’s causing damage to the fibers.

Once you’ve hit this level of carpet destruction, no amount of cleaning will help.

Hiring regular commercial carpet cleaning services – along with routine vacuuming – is the only way to combat this issue.

Think about it: Replacing your carpets before you should have to is the opposite of saving money.

2. Employee health will suffer

An uncleaned carpet may look okay. But what’s lurking inside is frightening and dangerous.

Dust mites may be microscopic, but they’re there and they want nothing more than to make your office carpet their breeding ground.

It’s like a tiny, disgusting Woodstock.

And they’ve invited their friends to join – fungi (who is NOT actually a very fun guy at all) and bacteria.