How to Deep Clean Your Building’s Bathroom (With the Help of a Commercial Cleaning Company)

Follow these pointers to give your commercial space’s bathroom a deep clean. And don’t forget to seek the help of a commercial cleaning company.

How to Deep Clean the Bathroom in Your Commercial Space

  1. Put up a “Wet Floor” sign
  2. Wear protective gear
  3. Disinfect toilets and urinals
  4. Clean all the remaining surfaces
  5. Finish with replacing trash bags and all dispensers
  6. Set up a regular schedule with a commercial cleaning company

You’re not enough.

Only when it comes to keeping your commercial space’s restroom as clean and sanitized as it needs to be, that is. (We’re not THAT mean!)

As the building manager and/or business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure the bathroom in your building is safe for employees and your customers if you have a public restroom.

You want to do your part to keep everyone safe, healthy, and NOT grossed out. You can accomplish this in three ways:

  1. Keep up with regular, daily cleaning.
  2. Frequently do deep cleans (which we’re going to discuss).
  3. Use the services of a commercial cleaning company. Like, on a schedule, get them in there and let them do their thing! (Find out about our Stay Beautiful program here.)

Let’s dive into how to give your commercial space’s bathroom a good old-fashioned, deep-down cleaning.

⚠️ Caution: Wet Floor ⚠️

Okay, so this one isn’t cleaning, per se, but it’s an important first step so no one sues you. Or gets hurt.

So, put a “Wet Floor” sign out to avoid any incidents.

(Hopefully, it will also deter people from coming into the bathroom while you’re cleaning it. There’s always one…)

Mask Up

Getting a deep-down clean usually means you have to use some chemicals. A mask is a good idea to keep from breathing anything that could irritate your lungs.

Depending on what you’re cleaning with, gloves and goggles may be smart, too.

Disinfect & Protect

Yes. No one’s favorite job. But it won’t take long for you to get a bad reputation if you don’t give these necessary evils the attention they need.

Use a special disinfecting cleaner that’s made specifically for toilets and urinals. And read the directions because there are always certain time-frames that the disinfectant needs to be in contact with germs to kill them. (To make it NOT easy to remember at all, the time varies by product.)

Here’s a quick rundown of the process for you to follow:

  • Give it a flush to make sure anything “lingering” gets removed and to make sure the toilet or urinal is working correctly.
  • Put the toilet bowl cleaner in, making sure to get up under the rim. Also, apply some cleaner to the actual brush or mop you’re using.
  • Scrub the urinal or toilet bowl thoroughly and then let the cleaner sit for the recommended time.
  • While you’re waiting, clean the handles and the outside of the toilet/urinal with a disinfectant and a soft cloth.
  • Once the “dwell” time is up for the cleanser, you can flush a few times to rid the bowl of the cleaner.

After you remove your gloves and wash your hands, pat yourself on the back because that chore is finished. (For now.)

Clean all the surfaces

Mirrors and sinks and fixtures and floors need some TLC, too.

As you’re cleaning and disinfecting, be sure to give special attention to the areas that get touched a lot, like bathroom stall doors, regular door handles, countertops, soap dispensers, etc. Germs meet in these places and can’t help but throw wild parties.

You’ll want to use a disinfectant on these surfaces, too, just not the same one that you used on the toilet/urinal.

Sweep the floor and then mop with…you guessed it, a disinfectant.

Why You Need the Pros

This is where you’ll want to get familiar with your commercial cleaning company.

The facts are that you can’t clean the space as thoroughly as it needs to be on your own. You have to call in the professionals.

They’ve gone through training to know precisely how to clean the different spaces in your commercial building or office, including making the bathrooms not only look good, but also stay as germ-free as possible.

They know how to clean and repair your tile and grout, plus they can give your other hard surfaces the kind of deep clean that you – or even a janitor – can’t achieve.

This kind of care reduces your replacement and repair costs, too.

Finally, the Miscellaneous “Stuff”

When you’re doing a deep clean, empty all the trash cans and replace the liner, no matter how empty they are.

You may not realize it, but this prevents bacteria from spreading.

Refill the soap and paper towel dispensers, as well as any other dispensing machines.

Keep It Clean – and Get Some Help

Now you know the deal on giving your commercial space’s bathroom a deep clean.

Alert anyone who’s around that the floor’s wet, protect yourself with masks and gloves, disinfect the toilets and urinals, and then take care of all the other surfaces.

Finish up with replacing soap and paper towels and emptying trash cans.

And get on a routine with your favorite commercial cleaning company. (Hammond Knoll!)

Get in touch today – we’ll even give you a free quote.