6 FAQs You May Have AFTER a Professional Carpet Cleaning

A clean carpet is a great feeling. But soon after your professional carpet cleaning is done, you may have some questions. Here are the answers you need.

Clean carpets. Ahhhh!

Whether you’re preparing to have your carpets cleaned or you just said goodbye to your favorite technician, you’re reminded of what clean brings.

Clean carpet brings health, satisfaction and happiness to the home!

Most cleaning questions are asked prior to the service being done.

It’s not until after the door is closed that we turn around and ponder, “Dang, I should have asked about __________”.

That’s where these most frequently asked professional-carpet-cleaning-questions will come in super handy.

Get out some paper and a pen and take some notes. (Or, use your smartphone, because it’s 2019.)

1. How long will it take my carpet to dry?

When carpet is professionally truck-mounted (aka; steam cleaned – the method recommended by 98% of carpet manufacturers) the dry time is between 4-6 hours.

There are a few things you can do to speed the drying times. Try bumping your home temp up a degree or two and crack a couple of windows to remove humidity.

There are rare occasions when a heavily-soiled room or staircase takes an hour or two more to dry.

Note: Carpet should NEVER take 24 hours to dry.

2. Can I walk on the wet carpet?

We recommend limiting traffic. It’s best to keep the family footsteps and paws out of those rooms as much as possible.

You can most certainly walk on the carpet, but wear clean-soled shoes to avoid re-soiling the carpet – and to keep your footsies dry.

Be cautious when walking from damp carpet to hard-surfaced floors as the floor can become slippery from wet feet.

3. Is the cleaning solution harmful to my children or pets?

We can say for absolute sure that, if it was cleaned by HammondKnoll, all our cleaning solutions are safe for our most-loved kiddos, pets and even the environment.

Your family is safe to resume all activities on the carpet after cleaning – when the carpet is dry of course.

4. When can I move my furniture back?

Waiting 24 hours to move the furniture back is best.

If any moisture remains in the carpet, it can cause rust or wood stains to transfer from the furniture legs to the carpet.

However, if you’re like most of us and you want to get your house put back together asap, here’s a hint: Cut foil squares and place them under furniture legs.

They’re quick and easy to remove after the 24-hour mark.

Or, better yet, ask your friendly professional carpet cleaning technician to leave you a few furniture blocks behind…wink, wink.

5. What about fabric protection?

If you had fabric protection applied to your carpet (smart move, by the way!), it dries with the carpet, is not harmful and is there for your protection should an “oops” spill happen between professional cleanings.

6. How long will deodorization last?

There are several different types of deodorization that are applied depending on what “odor” we are attempting to remove.

The most frequent question we’re asked in regard to deodorizing is, How long will it last?

    • Smell good deodorizer. A scent can be added to the cleaning solution or topically applied to leave behind a fresh smell in the home. This will last 2-3 days.
    • Topical pet urine deodorization. This is used when a pet (or human) has a one-time accident. A topical enzyme is applied separately to the area affected. This treatment works for 5-7 days.
    • Heavy pet urine. An enzyme can be topically applied, injected into the padding of the carpet, or the back of the carpet can be lifted and treated, depending on the severity of the area. Living enzymes work in the treated area for 14 days, continuing to kill the bacteria that causes odor.

You’re a professional-carpet-cleaning whiz

Pat yourself on the back – you’ve extended the life of your carpet, created a healthy environment for you and your family and checked one item off of your to-do list.

Proper maintenance of your carpet is just as important as the cleaning!

Have questions that weren’t answered?  Share it with us! We would be ecstatic to add it to our most frequently asked questions.

Enjoy your “clean” carpet!