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10 Ways to Know You’re Working With a Floor Cleaning Expert

Find out how you can be sure you’re working with a floor-cleaning expert when you hire someone to take care of your investment. Follow these 10 tips.

10 ways to know that you’re working with a floor-cleaning expert

You’ll know you’re working with a floor-cleaning expert if you follow these steps to hire one:

  1. Check reviews.
  2. Inspect company vehicles.
  3. Get recommendations.
  4. Consider transparency.
  5. Check references.
  6. Speak to a live person.
  7. Visit the website.
  8. Request estimates.
  9. Check certifications.
  10. Ask about guarantees.

When it comes to cleaning carpet, area rugs, tile, grout and natural stone in your home or business, you need the job done right, the first time around.

You spend a lot of money on your flooring and you want it to last as long as possible, protecting your investment.

And you want it to look good, too.

Knowing whether a cleaning company is trustworthy and has true expertise can be a crapshoot.

You need to be sure you’re working with a floor-cleaning expert – or you’ll have to suffer the consequences.

We’re going to look at what can happen when you don’t have an expert, as well as how to find one to entrust with the care of your flooring.

You know it’s time to hire a new floor cleaner if…

How do you know when it’s time to hire a new floor cleaner?

You know it’s time to hire a new floor cleaner if:

  1. Your carpet gets soiled more quickly after each cleaning.
  2. Stains reappear once the carpet is dry.
  3. Grout still looks dull and dirty.
  4. Natural stone is cloudy and/or scratched.
  5. The carpet stays wet for too long after cleaning.
  6. High-traffic areas look dirty and dingy.

The list of the damage incorrect cleaning processes can cause is quite long.

When the damage is visible, you’ve got a clear sign that it’s time to find another service provider.

Here are a few examples of what you may experience if you’re NOT working with a floor-cleaning expert:

  • Your carpet gets dirtier more quickly after each cleaning.
  • Stains reappear as soon as the carpet dries after a cleaning.
  • Grout around tile remains dull and soiled.
  • Natural stones – such as granite, marble, or slate – look hazy and scratched on the surface.
  • The carpet is still wet the next day or even the day after that.
  • Trafficked areas on carpet or hard-surface floors are sticky and appear worn and dingy.

Trust your gut: If it doesn’t appear right, it’s probably not!

It’s telling you it’s time to find a true professional.

The cost of working with a floor-cleaning company that doesn’t do a good job

If you use a floor-cleaning company that doesn’t have a well-trained staff, you could end up dealing with costly issues like:

  • Paying to restore the surface back to its original condition.
  • Paying for replacement flooring if restoration isn’t possible.
  • Voiding the flooring’s warranties (which happens if you don’t follow the proper cleaning methods required by the manufacturer).

But this doesn’t have to be your fate because we’ve got the tips you need to be positive you’re working with a floor-cleaning expert.

10 ways to know you’re working with a floor-cleaning expert

If you’re ready to put bad experiences behind you and you want to work with a trusted floor-cleaning vendor, use this list to separate the best from the rest.

1. Check reviews.

Past customers will tell a story. A reputable company should have ratings of 4.8 or higher.

2. Inspect company vehicles.

Are their vehicles clean inside and out?

If the floor cleaner you hired rolls up to your home in a rusted-out bucket of shame with the faded out company logo barely visible on the side, you may want to think again before letting them anywhere near your floors.

If they don’t take pride in their company vehicle, are they going to be careful about how they treat your home or business?

3. Get recommendations.

Call your favorite floor-covering store. Heck, go ahead and call several!

A floor-covering store is your best bet for a solid recommendation for a cleaning service.

4. Consider transparency.

You should receive clear and honest expectations with the process, including how long it will take your floor to dry and the results you’ll get.

5. Check references.

A reputable company should provide you with two to four references. Go ahead, call them before you spend your hard-earned money.

6. Speak to a live person.

When you call the vendor on the phone during regular business hours, do you get a live person?

How about one-upping that – is it a knowledgeable, helpful, happy person?

The person you speak to should be a helpful expert who can answer your questions.

7. Visit the website.

Check out the vendor’s list of employees and how long they’ve been with the company.

A reputable company will have employees that stick around because they’re invested in the company and they’re proud of the work they do.

8. Request estimates.

When you receive an estimate, it should be clear, with expectations clearly outlined. The costs for each service performed should be highlighted.

9. Check certifications.

Is the firm IICRC Certified?  If so, they are most likely following industry standards.

10. Ask about guarantees.

Do they guarantee their work? If the first go-around is not satisfactory, will they return to reservice the work?

Sometimes things go wrong – it happens. But, if you’re working with a floor-cleaning expert, they’ll insist on making things right until you’re satisfied.

It’s time to work with a top floor-cleaning expert

In the cleaning industry, it’s rare to find all ten factors in a cleaning expert.

Check reviews, take a look at the company vehicle, get recommendations and make sure you’re getting transparent answers.

Check references, judge the knowledge and friendliness of the people you talk to, and peruse their website.

Request estimates, verify that the company is IICRC certified, and that they guarantee their work.

Your business or home is worth working with a floor-cleaning expert.

Take the time and effort to qualify your cleaning company in advance, and you’ll be a satisfied customer.

What could it cost you to work with a company that follows poor floor-cleaning practices?

The cost to work with a company that follows poor floor-cleaning practices include:

  1. Paying for resurfacing.
  2. Paying for replacement flooring if it can’t be restored.
  3. Voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.