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Office Carpet Cleaning: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore This Critical Task

Find out why office carpet cleaning is so crucial and how to prepare for your commercial carpet cleaning company before they show up to do the job.

Your to-do list grows and grows.

If you’re a building manager or a business owner, you know the grind never stops.

One of the most important tasks that’s easy to sweep under the (ahem…) RUG is office carpet cleaning.

But the consequences of ignoring it are dire. (Think smells, germs, and customers and employees running away in terror.)

First, let’s look at the reasons it’s crucial for you to have a commercial carpet cleaning company handle the office carpet cleaning duties for you.

After that, we’ll dig into how you can prepare for the pros to come into your workspace and clean.

Why Office Carpet Cleaning Is a Must

Why You Have to Make Office Carpet Cleaning a Priority

  1. Allergens and bacteria love a good party
  2. Smells, smells, all the bad smells
  3. Looks matter
  4. Mold. Period.
  5. Breathe that quality air

Check out the reasons you shouldn’t continue to put your office carpet cleaning on the backburner.

Allergens and Bacteria Love a Good Party

Carpet is like the set of The Love Connection for allergens and bacteria.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that this breeding only happens in higher-pile carpets like the ones found in homes.

(That’s exactly what they want you to think so that they can continue their nefarious activity while you’re none the wiser.)

The truth of the matter is, the low-pile carpet you have in your office space is still susceptible to allergen and bacteria invasions. Gross.

Think of all the feet coming and going, depositing gunk throughout your workspace. It’s no wonder the germs thrive.

But that’s just one of the reasons that you need to have a commercial carpet cleaning company at your beck and call.

Smells, Smells, All the Bad Smells

We mentioned the foot traffic that your office space gets. Other than the allergens and bacteria, those shoes can also carry in dirt and other gross “things” you don’t want on your carpet.

As the dirt builds up, it starts to smell.

Yep, it’s not pleasant to think about and it’s certainly not pleasant for your staff, customers, and potential customers to sniff.

Stop the dirt (and resulting smell) in its tracks with office carpet cleaning done by a commercial company you can trust.

Looks Matter

At least when it comes to your office.

We get it. You’re busy and there are always a million things that need to be done. But cleaning your carpets should never be pushed to the bottom of the list.

Mold. Period.

We’ve talked about the allergens. The dirt. The bacteria. But those aren’t even the worst repercussions you could face when you don’t prioritize office carpet cleaning.

Once mold gets its grip, you’re looking at a whole new level of cost for more intense intervention and possibly even replacement. Yikes.

Expense is one issue. The effects of breathing in the airborne spores from mold are quite another. You could be looking at respiratory issues for your staff, as well as more frequent illness, which leads to missed work, and on, and on…

BUT, you can avoid this moldy fate from happening. Set up a regular schedule with your local commercial carpet cleaning company.

(You may be interested in our Stay Beautiful program that takes the burden of remembering to schedule regular service off your shoulders.)

Breathe That Quality Air

If you continually place a low priority on this task, don’t be surprised to notice your carpet starting to look dingy, worn, and generally unsightly.

Money talks and the bottom line is that dirty carpets aren’t good for business.

Most of the other points we’ve talked about so far can be summed up with this one: air quality.

You already know the drill. Contaminants like the ones we’ve mentioned build up over time and cause a multitude of issues.

Regular office carpet cleaning prevents problems by keeping the bad stuff out of your carpet and out of the air.

Prepare for an Office Carpet Cleaning

How to Prepare for an Office Carpet Cleaning

  1. Pregame with the vacuum
  2. Make the clutter take a hike
  3. Raise the roof curtains
  4. Do a visual inspection

So, now that you know how important it is to have your office carpets cleaned frequently and on a schedule, you probably have your first appointment in the books. (If not, get in touch so we can set it up! )

What do you need to do to prepare for the wonderful commercial cleaning company to arrive and work their magic?

Here’s what you need to know.

Pregame with the Vacuum

Giving your office carpet a quick run-over with the vacuum will clear the way for the cleaning chemicals to get deep down into the carpet and really go to work.

Make the Clutter Take a Hike

There are a couple of reasons this is an important step.

  • Commercial carpet cleaners will show up with some heavy equipment and long hoses that need room to operate. Anything left out could unintentionally be damaged.
  • If there’s clutter, the technicians can’t do their job thoroughly. Don’t make them try to work around your stacks of boxes or move all your office chairs.

Raise the Roof Curtains

(You’ll be raising the roof when you see (and smell) how clean your carpets are, but for now, let’s focus on the prep work.)

If you have long curtains or drapery in your office, clip or pin them up so they’re at least six inches off the floor.

When they come into contact with the damp carpet, they could soak up the cleaning solution and get wet. There’s also a risk that they’ll be torn or otherwise damaged by the powerful equipment.

Do a Visual Inspection

Give the carpets a quick once-over so you can point out any particularly dirty or problem areas to your commercial cleaning company.

You’ll also want them to take note of any spots that may be damaged.

(Don’t worry! A reputable company will have the expertise to know exactly how to handle whatever situation you throw at them!)

Don’t Ignore Office Carpet Cleaning

Whether it’s allergens and bacteria or dirt and grime, regular office carpet cleaning is the best method to keep your floors looking great, smelling wonderful, and helping you breathe easy.

Follow the tips to prepare for a commercial carpet cleaning company to visit and you’re all set for a routine that you can keep up for the long haul.

And, as always, your friends at Hammond Knoll are here to answer your questions, offer guidance, and give you a FREE quote! Let’s talk!