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Professional Carpet Repair: Sometimes You Just Need a Good Stretch

Call in your professional carpet repair team to help out with wrinkles, waves, frays, bubbles, and more. Sometimes, a stretch is all you need.
Carpet maintenance is not always about cleaning the carpet.
At times, a professional carpet repair is required to not only improve the appearance of the carpet, but also to prevent a tripping hazard. And it can be done at a fraction of the cost of replacement. One of the possible repairs is stretching. (Not THAT kind!) There are several different reasons why carpet needs to be stretched, and a few options for repair. Here are the issues (and solutions – YAY!)


Some carpets may resemble a Shar-Pei puppy with so many wrinkles. There are a few different reasons your carpet may be wrinkled.

Incorrect installation

When carpet is not installed correctly, wrinkles can appear as early as 1-2 years after installation. If the installer doesn’t stretch the carpet tightly during installation, or if it’s not secured to the edges of the room properly, the carpet will wrinkle – typically in the center of the room.

Heavy traffic

The backing of carpets that are heavily traveled by children, dogs, cats, goats (JK) etc. will relax  over time, causing wrinkles in those high-traffic areas.

The wrong padding

We get it: Carpet, padding and installation are expensive. When customers pinch pennies, it’s typically on the pad. (That’s a big no-no!) Inexpensive padding under carpet will break down over time, causing…you guessed it – wrinkles in the carpet. Tip: Find the right kind of pad for your carpet here.

Things that roll

Additional culprits are the wheels of wheelchairs and office chairs that don’t have a plastic mat underneath. You know the drill: The backing of the carpet breaks down and wrinkles ensue.

The Wrinkle Solution

We wouldn’t tell you about a big carpet problem without giving you a fix! Here it is: Have a professional carpet repair company (psst – HammondKnoll!) stretch the carpet. Some installers will stretch already-installed carpet, however, that’s a rarity as their specialty is newly-installed carpet. (After the carpet is installed, it’s important to have the carpets cleaned. This can be done on the same day.) On a side note, stairs can wrinkle too, and they can also be stretched back into shape. If the entire room needs to be stretched, all of the furniture will have to be moved out but, if there are just one or two wrinkles, the furniture can usually be shifted aside.

Ripples or Waves

For a surfer, catching a “wave” is rad. Waves or large ripples begin as “small wrinkles,” like you just learned about. If they’re ignored, they’ll turn into LARGE RIPPLES or WAVES, as you can see in the image above.

The Fix for Ripples and Waves

The solution in this case is also to stretch the carpet.   In some rare situations, when there’s excess carpet up against doorways to additional rooms, the carpet will need to be cut, the extra carpet removed, and then seamed back together. The lesson here is to get to the original wrinkle taken care of promptly to avoid additional carpet repair expenses.

Loose or Frayed Edges

One day it seems the carpet along the edge of the room looks perfect. Then, just like that, POOF! It has pulled away from the wall. Or, you notice the carpet is frayed on the edge where it meets the hardwood, tile or other floor.

Once again, improper installation

Sometimes this occurs when the carpet is not properly installed against tile, hardwood or other floor types by it not being tucked in tightly.  

As heavy foot traffic travels back and forth, the carpet comes loose from the floor and catches the traffic causing fiber loss and curled carpet in the doorway.  In some situations, the carpet should have had some type of a transition installed to protect the carpet as well as the edge of the floor it is tucked up against.

The Solution for Loose or Frayed Edges

Whether it’s Fido or an improper installation, the carpet has a 95% chance of being fixed. (We’ll get to the other 5% in a few!) 

The carpet can be stretched and retucked if there was little damage, as you can see in the image above.  A professional carpet repair company can typically get 1-3” of stretch out of carpet, depending on where it is and how it was laid.

For the 5%-ers: If there’s a large piece frayed or missing, the carpet may be able to be patched with an extra piece from a closet or from the original installation.  If this can’t be done, we’re sorry to say replacement may be the only option.


(Unfortunately, NOT the kind in a champagne flute!) Bubbles in your carpet. They look like someone stuck a small balloon under the carpet.

There’s typically only one reason this happens: over use of spot cleaners or solvents to remove stubborn stains from the carpet.   

The spotter makes the glue on the carpet backing not sticky anymore. When the carpet separates from the backing, you get a bubble.

Fixing Bubbles

In some rare cases, your carpet can be stretched out in all directions of the room to remove the bubble. 

However, the majority of time, the carpet needs to be glued back down to the backing. This can be done by injecting a carpet adhesive into the bubble and securing it back down as it cures.  

This should be done by a professional carpet repair company as it can be a sticky, messy situation if not done properly.

Professional Carpet Repair is the Answer 

That’s a wrap!

The faster you tend to the unsightly situation – whether it’s a bubble, a wrinkle, a ripple or a BIG wave – the more successful you’ll be at repairing your carpet for a fraction of what it would cost to replace it.

And, sorry, DIY-ers. These are not jobs you want to tackle on your own. Leave it to a professional carpet repair company. 

Your friends at Hammond Knoll are ready to help. Our expert technicians have seriously good skills that they’ll put to work to take care of your wrinkles, bubbles, frayed edges, waves, and ripples.