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A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Is Your Wet-Carpet Hero

Here’s everything you need to know about letting a professional carpet cleaning company handle the job when you have a wet carpet situation.

Why call a professional carpet cleaning company for your wet carpet?

    You need to call a professional carpet cleaning company because:

  1. They have the best equipment and the right cleaning solutions.
  2. They have powerful vacuums and very hot water.
  3. Your home’s air quality will improve.
  4. You won’t need to worry about mildew or mold.
  5. Your carpet will look like new.
  6. They’ll apply carpet protection.
  7. They know all about different kinds of carpet – including yours.
  8. They’ll give you a guarantee.

Wet carpet is a pain in the booty.

It’s not an issue you want to deal with in your home.

But getting all the moisture out of your carpet is critical so you avoid an even bigger problem: mold.

Even if you don’t face that worst-case scenario, your home’s carpets can start to look dingy, dirty and downright bad if it’s not dried correctly – and promptly.

No good.

But you don’t have to fret – your friends at Hammond Knoll have the knowledge and expertise to help you take care of wet carpet right away.

And that’s not all. We’re also giving you the inside scoop on why a trusted professional carpet cleaning company is the route to go when you have wet carpet issues.

Here’s what you need to know.

What kind of water are you dealing with?

Before you can get into the down-and-dirty cleaning, you have to figure out what type of water has saturated your carpet.

Surprised that there are actually categories for water? They’re classified by the source and the cleanliness of the water.

  • “Clean” water. This water comes from a sanitary source and it doesn’t pose a threat to the occupants of your home. It may be the result of a sink that’s overflowing, a pipe that has broken, or even something as simple as rain making its way in an open window.
  • “Gray” water. Now we’re getting into more dangerous territory. Gray water is polluted with microorganisms that make people and animals ill. It may be the result of a toilet leaking, a broken sump pump or fish tank, or a washing machine that has sprung a leak.
  • “Black” water. You do NOT want to mess around with black water. It’s very toxic and has the potential to cause severe illnesses. The source could be a sewer that has backed up or standing water that has been polluted.

Pro tip: The only type of water that is safe for you to handle on your own is “clean” water. If the water you’re dealing with has even the slightest chance of being contaminated, run – don’t walk – to the experts at a professional carpet cleaning company.

Before the drying process

Here are a few things you need to do before you try to dry your home’s carpet.

  • Shut off the electricity to the affected area if there are electrical outlets near the wet carpet.
  • Locate where the water is coming from. Have any leaks repaired ASAP.
  • Pitch anything that’s too damaged to fix.
  • Move everything you can to protect it from coming into contact with the water.
  • Keep foot traffic to a minimum while it’s wet. Walking on a wet carpet will force the moisture deeper into the fibers.

The most effective carpet-drying process 

What is the most effective process for drying wet carpet in my home?

    The most-effective process for drying wet carpet in your home is to:

  1. Suck up the water with a wet-dry vac.
  2. Soak up the moisture that’s left with a microfiber towel.
  3. Get the air moving with a fan.
  4. Examine the subfloor for any wetness.
  5. Call a professional carpet cleaning company.

Remedy your home’s wet carpet with these tips.

1. Remove the water with a wet-dry vacuum

First, suck up as much water as you can with a wet-dry vacuum.

(Watch your tank – empty it often so that you don’t ruin the motor.)

2. Soak up the remaining moisture

After you’ve sucked up as much of the water as possible, soak up the moisture that’s left with a clean microfiber cloth.

Lay the microfiber over the wet carpet and continue to pat dry until the towel is soaked. Keep doing this with fresh, dry towels until they aren’t soaking up any more dampness.

3. Blow dry

But NOT with a blow dryer!  (Actually, a small area may be dried with a blow dryer, but use caution!)

Airflow will help your home’s carpet to dry better and in less time.

Set up fans in your wet space and let them work their magic.

Opening doors and windows will increase the air moving through the space, too.

4. Check the subfloor

Once you’ve used your wet-vac, soaked up the remaining water with a microfiber cloth and put your fans to work, it’s time to check the subfloor.

Pull back a corner of the carpet to see if the pad and/or subfloor underneath have gotten wet.

The bad news? If you see any sign of moisture, the potential for mold is there.

You’ll need the next step.

5. Call a professional carpet cleaning company

If your carpet padding or subfloor is wet, or if the steps you’ve already tried don’t work, it’s time to call in the experts.

A reputable professional carpet cleaning company like Hammond Knoll ( ) will come in and have a look at your situation. They’ll come up with a plan to get your home’s wet carpet back to its like-new look.

If a deep clean is what you need to get rid of yuck that’s lingering, you can trust the pros.

In fact, it’s probably a good idea to have a professional carpet cleaning company give your carpets a good cleaning anyway, just to be safe.

Why you need a professional carpet cleaning company

The only kind of wet carpet you should try to remedy on your own is when it’s from “clean” water.

Leave the tough stuff – AKA microorganisms and pollutants – to the experts who are up for the job.

You may feel like you’ve successfully removed and dried the wet carpet in your home, it’s still a great idea to get the opinion of a professional carpet cleaning company.

Their recommendation may include a deep clean. Here’s why you need to take their advice:

  1. Their equipment and cleaning solutions are the best quality and they know just what to use on your home’s carpet.
  2. Their water can get very hot – hot enough to clean well – and powerful vacuums that can suck up more water.
  3. A deep clean will improve the air quality in your home.
  4. No more worrying about mold or mildew.
  5. You’ll have carpets that look like new.
  6. They’ll apply a protective coating to guard against dirt and heavy foot traffic.
  7. They’re knowledgeable about different kinds of carpet – including the type that’s in your home.
  8. They provide a guarantee for their work.

Take a look at the carpet in this home that Hammond Knoll made sparkling clean again:

Give your home’s wet carpet the care it needs

As any homeowner knows, stuff happens.

But when you’re dealing with wet carpet and all that goes along with it, you have to act quickly with the right remedy.

Follow these tips to take care of the “clean” water situations and leave the rest of the wet messes to your trusted professional carpet cleaning company.