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5 Reasons You Need Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

Find out the 5 biggest reasons you should trust professional hardwood floor cleaning services with your floors.

Why You Need Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

  1. You want your hardwood floors to actually be CLEAN
  2. You want to keep your hardwood floors safe
  3. You want time to do fun things that are NOT cleaning
  4. You want your hardwood floors to have a loooong life
  5. You want your people to be healthy

You use them every single day.

They’re always there for you, lending support.

And all they want from you is some attention.

Yes, it’s your hardwood floors.

Whether they’re in your home or your office, they don’t ask much of you and they give a lot in return. The least you can do is take care of them.

And you don’t even have to go it alone. In fact, you shouldn’t try to handle it on your own.

Here are five reasons why you should trust the care of your floors to a professional hardwood floor cleaning service.

1. You Want Your Hardwood Floors to Actually Be CLEAN

You’ve probably noticed that no matter how much you mop and sweep the hardwood floors in your home or business that still don’t have that sparkly-clean shine you’re going for.

In fact, they may be downright dull, with the audacity to have some dirty spots. (The nerve!)

And the streaks. For the love, the streaks.

The struggle is real. Unless you’re an expert.

Professional hardwood floor cleaning services will come into your home or office with the right tools, the best supplies, and the mastery of skill to avoid the dull, dirty, streaky disappointing results.

Instead, your floors will gleam with cleanliness – real, deep-down clean – that you could never get on your own. (Yes, you do hear angels singing.)

2. You Want to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Safe

Your hardwood floors want you to know that “Safety First” counts for them, too.

When you wing it with cleaning supplies and random methods, you can do some serious damage, like scratching the floor or giving it that dull look that you’re trying to get rid of.

Guess what? When you call a professional hardwood floor cleaning service, they’re already way ahead of you. They know what types of cleaners will work for your specific kind of floor.

They’ll even adjust their supplies/methods to account for the various coatings or finishes that are on your floor.

They have the know-how to effectively clean your hardwood floors – using gentle elbow grease – to avoid the tiniest hint of damage.

3. You Want Time to Do Fun Things That Are NOT Cleaning

There are some strange people out there who like to clean. (I heard that gasp.)

I know. I. Know. Weirdos.

The fact is, most of us would rather be doing anything other than cleaning. Especially when it comes to hardwood floors that already have us a little frustrated because they just won’t come clean.

There ARE some people who love to clean and who AREN’T totally off their rockers, though. And that’s the professionals. They’re proud of their craft and they enjoy bringing the shine back to tired, worn floors.

Let them handle it while you shop, go to a book club, get in a game of golf, take the boat out…the sky’s the limit.

Bottom line: You do what you want and you still get to have extravagantly beautiful, truly clean floors.

That’s what I call a win-win.

4. You Want Your Hardwood Floors to Have a Loooong Life

It’s not cheap to replace hardwood floors.

That’s why you should be dedicated to doing everything you can to make sure the floors in your home or business are well taken care of and have every chance to be around and looking good for a long, long time.

The willy-nilly, random cleaning that many people do isn’t enough to preserve hardwood floors, and it could even be doing them harm.

They don’t deserve that.

Think about the cost of replacing your floors when you start to think it’s too expensive to have a professional hardwood floor cleaning service do the job.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to see that you’re saving money by caring for the floors you have.

Do yourself and your floor a favor and schedule regular cleanings and don’t let harmful grime, grit, and dirt wear down your floors.

(If you’re an office manager or building owner, you’ll be interested in Hammond Knoll’s Stay Beautiful Program. It takes all the burden of remembering to put cleaning on the calendar off your shoulders.)

5. You Want Your People to Be Healthy

Whether they’re the people in your office or building who you’re responsible for or it’s the people who live in your home with you, allergens suck.

Do your part to avoid letting pollen, dander, pet hair, dust mites, etc. build up on your wood floors. (They like to hide between the boards, the pesky jerks.)

Professional hardwood floor cleaning services can help out here, too. (You’re not surprised, right?)

They can get rid of toxins deep in the floor that you can’t get to. If someone in your home or office suffers from severe allergies or asthma, this is a serious consideration.

Call in Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services ASAP

Because you want deep-down clean, you want to protect your floors, you want more free time, you want your floors to have a long life, and you want your family/employees/customers to be healthy – get on the phone and call Hammond Knoll at 253-472-9686.

Or, you can request a free quote!