Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Rugs and Carpet Clean(er)

If you’re unsure how to keep your carpets immaculate, worry not, as we’re here to guide you. Read on to discover the steps to take during the cleaning process.

How can you keep your rugs and carpets clean when every time your door opens the deluge of dirt and grime wants to sneak in – in children’s shoes, on pets’ paws, on the feet of guests, and so on?

Here are some handy tips to help keep your rugs clean(er):

  1. Ban shoes in the house, or buy each family member a few pairs of house-shoes to change into. Set up a shoe rack at each entry, so shoes can be immediately taken off. Pick up some extra pairs in various sizes for guests, and hang a sign asking them politely to rid themselves of footwear before entering the main area of your home. Most people will cheerfully comply and understand.
  2. Have mats inside and out – one to stomp on outside the door to remove as much dirt as possible, and one inside for people to stand on while removing their footwear.
  3. Add runners down heavily trafficked areas in the home – from doorway to kitchen, in front of the couch, and down hallways. These will take the brunt of the dirt if someone forgets to take their shoes off.
  4. Set up a pen around the doggie door. Your pet can re-enter the home, but must stay on a rug covered penned area until you are able to snag a towel and wipe his or her feet off. No muddy paw prints on the clean carpet!

No matter how hard you try, the rugs and carpet are going to get dirty, so give Hammond Knoll a call to help get them clean again. (253) 472-9686