Stay Beautiful Program

Keeping up appearances can become quite the task, which is why we’ve created a hassle-free commercial cleaning maintenance program to ensure your business always looks its best.

Whether you need your carpets cleaned the first Saturday of every month, or your hard surfaces cleaned every quarter, we work on your desired schedule and guarantee fantastic results every time.

Why Choose A Commercial Cleaning Program Maintenance Contract?

We save you time.

There’s no need to waste energy when it comes to scheduling regular cleaning and maintenance work. With our Stay Beautiful Program, routine appointments are scheduled in advance, meaning you can count on us to arrive on time every month, like clockwork.

We save you money.

Great cleaning can get expensive, especially if upkeep starts to wane. Our Stay Beautiful Program not only reduces the cost of each cleaning through preventative maintenance, but it can save you thousands in replacement and repair costs.

We clean with your health in mind.

A clean building is a healthy building. Regular cleaning and upkeep can help reduce allergens, molds, mildews, and dust, keeping both your customers and employees happy, healthy, and productive.