Hardwood floor splitting is typically caused by water, including excess humidity and moisture. If your hardwood flooring isn’t installed or sealed properly, moisture can get into the floor and cause your hardwood to split. This happens because most wood suffers damage when it expands and contracts. Moisture forces the absorptive boards to contract and expand, which causes many problems.

Even with a protective finish, moisture or high humidity can lead to the deterioration of wooden flooring. When wood swells due to moisture, mold can form, and then you will have even more issues that can even pose health risks.

We can help protect your investment with hardwood floor repair. Hardwood repair and floor refinish can help extend the life of flooring and it is not only cheaper but also more environmentally safe than having a full replacement done. If you don't like the current condition of your hardwood flooring and are considering refinishing to get a look, that’s more appealing, contact us. We can make it happen.

Concrete Floor Cleaning

Shrinkage is the main cause of concrete cracking. During the hardening of concrete, the air can cause it to shrink as it dries. This is due to the excess mixing water inside the concrete evaporating. The wetter the concrete mix is, the more shrinkage will occur.

When shrinkage forces start to get greater than the concrete's strength, cracking will occur. Also, when concrete is heated, it can potentially develop compressive stress that results in thermal cracking of the structure. This can also happen when different portions of the same concrete slab are exposed to temperatures that exceed a specific limit.

Resurfacing old concrete can help fix these cracks while conserving resources and eliminating the need for disposal. It is also important to have concrete cleaned regularly to maintain its integrity and appearance. Contact us to have your concrete cleaned and resurfaced. The results are fascinating.

Laminate Floor Cleaning and Repairs

Laminate flooring is used in living areas, bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways, and other areas of a home where there is no excessive moisture. But, because of its strength, scratch resistance, and durability, it is mostly used in kitchens. It is waterproof, UV resistant, and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, making it a great option for high-traffic areas as well.

Underlayment is installed with laminate flooring that not only helps block out moisture but also reduces muffled sounds, making it more comfortable to walk around. While it doesn't discolor or scratch as easily as hardwood floors, it is not completely scratch-proof.

In fact, like any flooring material, from engineered timber to natural wood or hybrid flooring, laminate flooring can get scratched, scraped, and damaged. Because the surface of laminate flooring cannot be sanded, scratches should be repaired by a professional who knows how to repair these damages the right way to avoid any further damage to your flooring surface.

You may notice that your laminate floors can begin to look dull and cloudy over time, no matter how much you clean them since this is usually due to floor cleaner build-up or improper cleaners.

Thus, the more you try to clean your floors to remove this filmy-looking build-up, the worse it will get as dirt and debris can stick to excess products. That's why your floors need deep cleaning at least two or three times a month to keep your floors shiny, streak-free, and beautiful looking. Contact us for the best laminate cleaning in Kent.

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We will come out on our scheduled appointment and complete the job or pick up your items and return them spotlessly clean.

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