Your upholstery & Leather can be

& Restored


Serving the greater Puget Sound

Tricky stains or spots? HammondKnoll expert care produces optimal results.

We’re here to serve you and get your furniture back to your family so you can enjoy it.

Serving the greater Pudget Sound


Upholstery on all types of home items can be delicate and require the right application of treatments to clean and restore them.

Your HammondKnoll expert knows how to approach all types of silks, velvets, wools, rayons, Haitian cottons and more—with extreme care and optimal results.

Why stop at just the cleaning? HammondKnoll can bring more to your home items like; fabric protection, anti-allergen treatments, fabric dying, odor treatments, and wear-and-tear protection.

Our expertise goes far beyond furniture to wall fabrics, vehicle upholstery and carpet as well as lamp shades, fabric headboards, pet beds and outdoor furniture.

Serving the greater Puget Sound


Known as one of the most sensitive-to-damage materials in the furniture world, when you work with HammondKnoll to take proper care of it and prevent damage, leather actually stands a chance to last.

Our professionally trained technicians hand clean your furniture gently and then apply a professional grade conditioner, protecting the material and restoring its luster.

We preserve your leather furniture and restore everything from cracks and flakes, scratches and scuffs, to sun damage, and nicks and tears. We also do hair oil removal and crack prevention.



Get ready to say, “That looks exceptional!”

Trusted problem solvers providing the personal touch every surface needs to be restored and lasts for years to come.

The perfect blend of craftsman technique and expert knowledge produces amazing results.