Tile & Grout Cleaning & Repair

While we all enjoy the elegant look those tile and natural stone surfaces bring to our homes and businesses, most of us have no idea how to properly care for them. Tile, stone, and grout will eventually deteriorate without proper maintenance. Even after a few weeks of installation, tile and stone surfaces can begin to lose their luster.

It is important to check with a professional to ensure that you are taking all the right steps when cleaning tile & stone and using only the best products if you want to protect your investment and keep your tile and stone surfaces properly maintained and attractive.

Hammond Knoll is one of the only businesses in the area that provides both cleaning and repair of tile and hard surfaces in your home or business. Most people need repair or restoration work – rather than just cleaning – to restore their tile or other hard surfaces back to their original beauty.

For over 78 years, Hammond Knoll has provided expert cleaning and repair services for Puget Sound homes and businesses. Tile or hard surfaces in your bathrooms, kitchens and entryways can all be renewed by our trusted tile experts. We clean and repair tile and other hard surfaces in showers, floors, counter-tops, bathtubs, and walls. The specialty equipment helps clean and rinse tile and grout thoroughly leaving the floor looking like new ready for final sealing.

Surfaces We Clean and Repair

We clean and repair all types of tile, natural stone and hard surfaces including ceramic tile, granite, marble, limestone, soapstone, sandstone, slate, cement and more.

How We Clean Them

Our multi-step cleaning process uses grease and soil-cutting enzymes to break down heavy soils that are then removed using high-temperature rotary jet extraction equipment. This high-tech equipment rinses tile and grout clean and leaves the finish looking good as new and ready for that final sealing.

More Than Cleaning… We’re Repair Experts!

Do you have chipped tiles? Cracked or missing grout? Mildewed caulking? At Hammond Knoll, we not only clean and restore tile and hard surfaces so they look like new again, but we also provide high quality sealers and coatings to protect and enhance your tile and stone surfaces. In addition, many customers need repair work. Our tile and stone craftsmen are the best in the industry when it comes to repairing your tile, stone and grout.

Serving the communities of greater Pierce, King, So. Snohomish, Thurston, and Kitsap Counties.