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For your home with HammondKnoll Expert Care.

for your home with HammondKnoll Expert Care.

HammondKnoll expertise, attention to detail, and problem solving skills produce exceptional cleaning and restoration for every surface in your home.
We’re here to serve you and provide a home experience you and your family can enjoy.


Deep Cleaning | Repair & Restoration | Fabrication

Life is full of activity and unexpected surprises that may require your rugs to be cleaned.
Don’t have a second thought just call HammondKnoll.


Trained & experienced technicians proudly give your family heritage piece the care and attention it needs.
Trusted and referred since 1939, we know how to make your investment last so your children and little fury family can keep enjoying the beautiful spaces of your home.


Deep Cleaning | Repair & Restoration | Fabrication
No room is too big or too small, even the stairs can be taken care of.


Carpet brings cozy spaces, great designs and a sense of warmth and comfort in our homes. It also collects dirt, endures wear and tear and receives occasional gifts from our furry loved ones.
HammondKnoll can tackle all of your carpet cleaning and repair needs with a customized solution. Our environmentally friendly techniques, used water disposal, and remnant repurpose get the job done so you’ll KNOW your carpets are clean and repaired the best way!


Clean | Repair & Restore
We pursue restoration over replacement when it is possible. And our team of experts can find solutions even when it’s impossible!


Hardwood and laminate floors can be susceptible to water damage, scratches, pet urine and the regular wear and tear of activity in your home. Our cleaning, repair and maintenance services keep your floors in great shape!

We clean hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl tile and plank to bring you cost savings, peace of mind, and extended life of your flooring.


Deep cleaning | Repair & Restoration | Polish & Enhance

Keep the luster of your hard surfaces with expert care and maintenance. Never have a dull moment in your home again.


We clean natural stone, ceramic tile, granite, marble, limestone, soapstone, sandstone, slate, and travertine to remove mildew & mold, repair cracks and refresh sealing to keep your favorite spaces and surfaces sparkling clean.


Deep Clean | Repair & Restore | Stain & Moss Removal

Your concrete surfaces are tough and can handle a lot but they still need some TLC to keep them looking new.


Especially in our Pacific Northwest climate which encourages mildew and moss growth. Concrete surfaces in this area can be slippery and begin to form rust stains. Our HammondKnoll experts clean concrete and stone, interior stamped concrete, exterior walkways, patios, outdoor kitchens, driveways, pool decks, and entry areas.

Our cleaning is environmentally friendly with no residue left behind. Any cleaning material put on the ground is quickly and efficiently picked up and disposed of in our powerful truck-mounted equipment. This leaves no run-off into pool or spa areas or expensive landscaping. We spruce up your yard or home and restore the look of concrete to its original condition!



Get ready to say, “That looks exceptional!”

Trusted problem solvers provide the personal touch every surface needs to be restored and lasts for years to come.

The perfect blend of craftsman technique and expert knowledge produces amazing results.