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The 5 Biggest Commercial Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

You invest a lot of money into carpeting. A few simple commercial carpet cleaning missteps can result in 5 big UH-OH’s. Here’s what you need to know.

You just need some water, a little cleaning solution, some kind of machine and you’re good to go, right?

Not quite.

Think about it for a minute: JUST the carpet alone is costly. When you add the expenses for the pad and installation, you’ll quickly realize that your office building’s carpet is an investment you want to protect for as long as possible.

Getting the most out of your commercial carpet is only possible when you use the right cleaning process.

If you use the wrong practice to clean your commercial carpets and there are a number of issues you can run into.

Let’s take a look at the top five.

1. Over-saturating the carpet

Over-wetting is usually the result of using a cleaning machine that doesn’t have the right amount of suction to pull out the moisture.

If the carpet is left sopping wet for more than 24 hours, it can begin to buckle and wrinkle.

But you’re also at risk for an even bigger issue: mold.

Mold growth can cause major health issues for the people working in the affected area.

2. Carpet gets soiled more quickly

There are a couple different situations that can cause your office building’s carpet to attract dirt like a magnet, but they both come down to the same problem: Not completely rinsing the cleaning solution out of the carpet.

The detergent that’s left behind is tacky and attracts dirt and pollution from shoes and the air.

3. Ruined carpet fibers

There are two processes that can result in matting, fuzzing and wearing of your carpet fiber. These include:

  • Failure to remove all the soil from the carpet. If dirt is not rinsed and pulled out of the carpet, it has the same effect as sandpaper as it gets walked on. The fibers break down.
  • Using the wrong cleaning equipment for the type of carpet. For example, a heavy shampooing machine will wreak havoc on looped carpet. The fibers will untwist and the texture will be irreparably damaged.

4. Incorrect cleaning solution

A technician who hasn’t received the proper training and is using the wrong cleaning solution can cause serious damage to your commercial carpeting.

Here’s an example that happens more frequently than business owners realize:

An inexperienced technician will use a solvent cleaner to remove oil or grease and fail to extract it quickly enough, or he’ll use too much solution. The result is bubbling, which is caused by the solvent eating away the carpet’s backing.

This is why it’s important to investigate a vendor’s technician training program and their expertise when choosing a commercial carpet cleaning company.

5. Discoloration

It’s easier than you might think to mess up your office’s carpets.

Discoloration happens when you try a DIY, over-the-counter spot cleaner or depend on an untrained technician.

Bleaching agents are a big problem. They’re often found in store-bought spotters and, when used, they can bleach the carpet instantly.

If the bleaching doesn’t happen immediately, it can take care of the stain temporarily, but the next time water hits it (activating the bleaching agents), the spot will be lighter than the rest of the floor.

It’s rare, but there are occasions when two spotters are mixed together by an “untrained unprofessional,” and the fibers react by turning your office’s carpets blue, green or red.

Do your commercial carpet cleaning homework

Do some research to find a trusted professional to handle your commercial carpet cleaning needs.

You’ll save time, money and you’ll extend the life of your investment.

When in doubt about the right cleaner or the correct cleaning process to use, it’s best to contact the manufacturer of the product or the floor covering store where you purchased your carpet.

If you don’t know either, call three local reputable floor stores and ask for recommendations.

Have you had a commercial carpet cleaning disaster in the past?