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How to Clean Tile – and When to Call in the Pros

Follow these tips and tricks detailing how to clean tile to make sure your home and/or office floors look great – all the time.

Tile floors are beautiful.

Until they aren’t. The “aren’t” happens when they don’t get the proper care and maintenance they need.

That care includes you doing your part but also having a professional tile floor cleaning service come in and do their part, too.

Whether it’s your home or your office/commercial space, these tips and words of tile wisdom apply to you.

Here’s what you need to know to be a tile-cleaning genius.

How to Clean Tile

Tile floors have some pretty good selling points.

They look great and they’re fairly easy to maintain. (You’ll need to call on professional tile floor cleaning services for regular deep cleaning, but we’ll get to that later.)

First, we’ll talk about the tile you have indoors and then we’ll hit the outdoor tile. (Just with clean. We won’t hit it with anything hard.)


Between professional cleanings, here’s how to maintain your indoor tile floors.

Tip #1: Sweep or vacuum to get rid of as much dirt, dust, and grit as possible. You can use a regular broom or a vacuum that’s approved for use on tile.

Don’t use anything gritty or abrasive.

Tip #2: A microfiber mop is your best bet. Get it damp (a wet mop will leave streaks) with a cleaner that’s made specifically for tile or stone floors. You’ll only need to apply a little pressure to get rid of the grime. Don’t use a mop made of cotton or sponge.

If your tiles are polished porcelain, you can use a steam mop to clean them, too.

Tip #3: You can make a tile-safe homemade cleaner with denatured alcohol and hot water. (It only takes a dash of the alcohol!) Any product that contains soap will leave a film behind that is a magnet for dirt.

Tip #4: When you’re mopping, start at one side of the room and work your way to the other, without stepping on the wet tiles.

Check out the difference between these two pics. What a change!

Step #1: First, use your garden hose to spray down the tile, making sure you’re wetting the entire surface.

Step #2: Next, use a broom with stiff bristles to scrub/sweep the tile.

Step #3: You can use a tile and stone cleaner to tackle the toughest outdoor grime.

Step #4: Finally, rinse the area with your hose to get rid of any straggling dirt that doesn’t want to loosen its grip on your precious tile.

Random Tile Tips to Keep Your Floors Beautiful

Here are a few things for tile owners to keep in mind.

  • Things break, keep a spare. Hang on to the extra tile that’s leftover after installation. That way, if there’s any kind of incident and you need to replace one or two.
  • Preserve, protect, defend. Against scratching, that is. Put felt gliders under chairs, desks, couches, etc. Use doormats to capture the dirt before it even has a chance to get on your tile.
  • Get regular professional cleanings. You can maintain the floors in your home or commercial space, but they still need the care of experts if you want them to have a long life and stay beautiful.

When to Get the Help of Tile Floor Cleaning Services

Even when you take meticulous care of your tile floors, you’ll want to have a trusted tile floor cleaning service to turn to when it’s time for the kind of deep clean you can’t handle on your own.

While tile can be easy to clean, sometimes it seems like no matter what you try, they always look dingy or they seem to get grimy way too quickly after a cleaning.

When your floor starts to look this way, or when you have stains that won’t come out, it’s time for professional tile floor cleaning services to come in and take the burden off your shoulders.

There are two major advantages to having the professionals handle the tile in your home or office.

When You Want Your Floors To Have a long life

When dirt, grime, and contaminants get too comfortable in your tile, they take a toll on the grout. Soon, it begins to break down, giving your floor that not-so-fresh look.

Have a tile floor cleaning service you trust come in and clean and seal your floors.

Not only will they look a million times better, but the sealant will also keep the bad stuff from attacking the grout lines.

When You Want a Brand-New-Again Look

With a proper cleaning, your tile will look like it did when it was new. (Especially when they remove the stains you couldn’t!)

Whether it’s your home or your business, you want floors that are “dressed” to impress.

You’re a Tile Floor Genius

You know so much about tile floors now! Do you feel so much smarter and ready to handle your maintenance duties?

Whether your tile is inside or outside, in your home or in an office, your friends at Hammond Knoll have the expertise to give your floors the royal treatment.

Get in touch for a free quote and let’s work together to make your tile look – and stay – beautiful.