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Is Professional Tile Cleaning Worth the Price?

Here are 6 important reasons that professional tile cleaning is worth every penny, including saving time, money, avoiding harsh chemicals, and more.

6 Reasons Professional Tile Cleaning Is Worth the Price

  1. Your time is precious
  2. You’ll avoid wasting money on cleaners that don’t work
  3. You can’t get a deep-down clean on your own
  4. The pros can get rid of spots and stains
  5. No harmful chemicals

Tile cleaning is really no fun.

Getting down on your hands and knees, or crouching for hours, scrubbing at tiles can be just plain boring. In fact, it often goes undone because you just don’t want to do it.

The problem with this is that cleaning tile and grout is important for several reasons.

Sure, wiping over your tiles every now and then doesn’t seem like a big deal. Swipe, swipe, all done.

But, it’s the grout in between the tile that can collect the nasties. This is because grout is porous and holds onto dirt, grime and bacteria.

You may also notice mold and mildew growing where the grout is not properly sealed.

Not only will you have bacteria spreading and possible mold growth if you don’t properly clean your tiles, but you’ll also have tiles that look dull and ugly.

It’s the perfect storm of yuck.

Professional Tile Cleaning

Obviously, tile cleaning is important. but is it worth paying a professional to do your the job for you?

The answer to this depends on how much time you have and whether you like spending hours cleaning tiles and grout yourself.

For most people professional tile cleaning is absolutely worth the cost and here are the reasons.

1. Time Is Precious

You can spend the time it would have taken you to clean your tiles doing more enjoyable things.

Spending time with the family, enjoying a hobby, volunteering and making the world a better place. Bingeing Netflix. There are a ton of things that you could do.


2. Avoid Wasting Money

How many times have you bought cleaner after cleaner, trying to find one that’s exactly what you want.

The professional tile cleaning takes that right out of the equation because the experts know exactly what kind of products to use on your tile.

Hello, sparkling clean. Hello, extra cash.

3. Deep Down Clean

A professional tile cleaner will do a more thorough job than you could do yourself, leaving your tiles looking like new.

4. See Ya, Stains

The spots and stains that are on your tiles and grout will be tackled using professional techniques.

5. Safety From Chemicals

You won’t have to breathe in the chemicals that make up most over the counter tile cleaners.

The cleaners the pros use are non-toxic and you don’t have to worry about breathing them in.

6. No More Mold

You won’t have to worry about mold and mildew building up between your tiles, becoming a health hazard. The cleaning methods professional tile cleaners use take care of all that.

Professional Tile Cleaning IS Worth It

As you can see there are many reasons why professional tile cleaning is worth the cost.

When you consider the time you would spend cleaning your tiles and grout, the money you pay for the products to clean, the cost of a professional makes perfect sense.

If you’re looking for professional tile cleaning services to help save you time, contact the team at Hammond Knoll.

Our safe and effective tile cleaning process will get your tiles perfectly clean, removing traces of bacteria, mold and mildew and leaving your tiles looking like they were just installed.

Originally posted 9/2015; Updated 5/21