Get That Sparkle This Holiday With These 6 Speed-Cleaning Tips

If you’re unsure how to keep your carpets immaculate, worry not, as we’re here to guide you. Read on to discover the steps to take during the cleaning process.

Speed-cleaning tips for the holidays

  • Every move counts.
  • Clean from top to bottom.
  • Don’t clean what’s not dirty.
  • Know when to pull out the big guns.
  • Be intentional about what you’re doing.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work.

December is upon us.

It’s the most wonderful – and busiest – month of the year.

And cleaning your home takes up too much of that precious time!

But you definitely want to avoid the disapproving looks of your aunties who notice the dust in every nook and cranny, so it has to be done.

Don’t worry – here are six speed-cleaning tips to make your home sparkling and jolly.

1. Every move counts.

When you’re purposeful, you’ll only have to work around the room one time.

Carry all your supplies with you. Often, going back and forth across the room – or from one room to another – is what takes up the most time.

2. Clean from top to bottom.

Always. Period. Don’t argue.

This is the key to not spreading dirt and dust where you have already cleaned.

Grime isn’t free from the laws of gravity, after all. So start at the top and move down.

3. Don’t clean what’s not dirty.

For example, horizontal surfaces get way dirtier than vertical surfaces.

If an area isn’t dirty, don’t clean it.

Skip them this time and only touch each surface once. Do it right the first time!

4. Know when to pull out the big guns.

For those stubborn situations, you may need to shift to a heavier-duty cleaner or tool.

You’ll probably have an idea of where you’ll need that extra power ahead of time, so make sure to have it with your other cleaning supplies from the get-go.

5. Be intentional about what you’re doing.

The job will move along more quickly when you’re focused.

In Latin: Age quod agis means, “Do what you are doing.”

Just pay attention and get it done.

6. Teamwork makes the dream work.

If you have the option, team up!

Have you heard the saying, “Many hands make light work”? It’s true!

Plus, it’s a lot more fun.

Put these speed-cleaning tips to work for you

Your clean home will make the holidays feel that much brighter – and less stressful.

Follow these six speed-cleaning tips to get the job done well and without too much of a time investment.

Now that you have cleaned your entire home and are having a cup of hot cocoa, it’s time to wrap presents, right?