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6 Tips for Cleaning a New Home So You Can Relax and Enjoy

Moving into a new home is overwhelming. There’s so much to do! Use these six tips to get your new home clean – before or after you’ve moved in.

It’s an exciting time in your life. Take the time to soak it in.

And then get to work.

Cleaning a new home is necessary but can also be overwhelming. Unless you have some help.

That’s just what this guide is for.

Check out these six tips for cleaning a new home from top to bottom. Literally.

1. Clean from top to bottom

There are a couple of things you need to know.

Countertops and floors aren’t the only surfaces or areas to collect dirt.

That ceiling fan? Grime collector.

Overhead lighting fixtures? Debris galore.

Shelving? You guessed it – dust aplenty.

Start cleaning a new home at the top of each room – always. If you start at the bottom and work up, you’ll resoil what you just cleaned.

2. Fridge first

If you’re cleaning after you’ve already moved into your new home, the first thing you’ll want to take on is the refrigerator.

Start with removing all the shelves and drawers. Wash them with warm water and soap. Sanitize the inside of the fridge by wiping it down with a clean rag and a solution of water and white vinegar.

If there’s tough stuck-on gunk, let the vinegar solution soak on the area for a bit.

Make sure the shelves and drawers are completely dry before returning them to the refrigerator.

Repeat the whole process with the freezer.

3. Tackle the kitchen

Remember the very first step? Start with the top – the lighting fixtures, the corners of the ceiling and the tops of the cabinets.

Then move on to the appliances. Include the:

  • Oven.
  • Microwave.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Sink.
  • Stovetop.

Countertops are up next, then cabinets – inside and out. Pay close attention to the handles, where lots of germs may be hiding out.

4. Next up – the bathrooms

You want your new bathrooms to be clean. But sanitizing them is even more important.

Dawn dish soap and a sponge make a great combo to start with. Follow-up with an antibacterial spray to kill any stubborn junk left behind.

When you’re giving your new bathrooms a deep clean, don’t forget areas that get overlooked during a normal cleaning.

Light switches, toilet-paper holders, door handles and faucets need to be sanitized.

Notice that we’ve left floors out of the cleaning line-up so far? We’ll get to that!

5. The rest of the house

To take on the rest of the cleaning of your new home, remember the cleaning golden rule – top to bottom.

Start with the ceilings, the tops of window frames, tops of doors and the window treatments.

Don’t forget closets and light switches.

A good method for these areas is to use the extender attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

6. Finally, your floors

You followed directions and started at the top, so now it’s time to focus on the “bottom.”

Use your handy vacuum attachment and sweep out all the corners, crevices and edges of your wood, tile, or linoleum floors.

Don’t vacuum the whole floor without double-checking that your vacuum is made to do so. You could damage the floor’s surface.

Finish your part by mopping.

We say “your part” because, at this point (or before you actually move in), it’s time to have the experts come in and give ALL the floors a professional cleaning – including your carpets and area rugs.

Vacuuming alone may make the carpet look cleaner, but it takes the deep cleaning a professional can provide to really get rid of the dirt and allergens you can’t see.

Follow these tips for cleaning a new home

Cleaning a new home can be overwhelming, but it’s a lot easier with a guide to follow.

Always, always start at the top and work your way down, no matter what room you’re in. Get the fridge and the rest of the kitchen ready to go and then move on to the bathrooms and the rest of the house.

Finally, give the floors a once-over yourself and then call in the professionals to give them a deep clean.

You’ll rest easy in your new home, satisfied that you’re surrounded by clean.