Commercial Leather Cleaning and Repair

At Hammond Knoll, our specialists pay attention to the details. Whether someone spilled coffee all over your lobby sofa, or your cubical walls have began to pill, our experienced team knows just what problems to look for and exactly how to solve them.

Tim Stone has been working at Hammond Knoll for over 14 years. When it comes to repairing leather and upholstered furniture, there’s truly no better man for the job.

“Tim was friendly and professional—asked questions, explained his process, measured rooms and furniture and showed me an estimate,” tells Betty Payne, a Hammond Knoll customer. “He saved me some money by showing me how to get pilling off furniture with pumice stone.”

Commercial Leather Furniture Services:

Full-Service Cleaning and Conditioning

A high-quality leather piece can add warmth and depth to your business environment, yet leather is also one of the most sensitive to damage in the furniture world. To help preserve the piece and eliminate cracks and flakes, our technicians hand-wash your furniture with a gentle soap and apply a professional grade conditioner, protecting the material and restoring its luster.

Scuffs and Scratches

Between customers, employees, and visitors, office furniture tends to face a fair share of abuse. Small cracks, tears, nicks, and scuffs can either be repaired on site, or brought into our facility for an extra 20% Cash and Carry discount.

Sun Damage

The sun is dark leather’s number one enemy.  If your office or business leathers are kept close to a window, your furniture’s once vibrant color may have started fading away. Our leather specialists can perform color correction and re-dye even the most faded pieces, restoring the appearance of your office environment.

Do you have specific commercial leather cleaning or repair needs? Contact us and we’ll send a certified specialist out for a free estimate.

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