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Why Your Interior Design Biz Needs Commercial Floor Cleaning

Discover five ways a commercial floor cleaning company can help you keep your interior design business at the top of its game.

How can a commercial floor cleaning company help my interior design business?

  • Make a great first impression.
  • Advance your brand.
  • Keep your team happy.
  • Encourage tidiness in employees.
  • Keep germs from spreading.

Picture this.

A potential new customer comes into your interior design business. As you’re talking, you notice her eyes land on the stain on the carpet.

Nuts! You forgot to clean that up!

You’re trying to keep her attention on paint colors and drapes and she can’t stop staring at the random assortment of piled up files and other “stuff” another designer left on a table.

This potential new customer is distracted and finally makes an excuse and a hasty exit.

You’ve just lost a client.

That stinks.

You want your business to grow AND your brand to get the right kind of attention. You want your team to be tidy and to avoid sickness.

Here’s how a commercial floor cleaning company can set you on the right path and make sure you never lose another client due to cleanliness.

Interior design floor cleaning benefits

1. Make a great first impression

You’re running an interior design business. It’s not a leap to understand that first impressions count.

No one will want you to design their space if yours isn’t impressive.

Dirty floors and stained carpets tell the people that enter your business that you don’t pay close attention to detail.

And it will make them think you won’t be able to handle the job they need you to do.

Especially in your line of work, a clean, tidy workspace gives clients and prospective customers confidence that you can create a perfect space for them.

Since you have a lot on your plate, pass some of the work to a commercial floor cleaning company.

2. Advance your brand

The average client associates a clean, well-organized workplace with high-quality.

You can bet that a prospective customer will judge your brand based on what they see in your office and how it makes them feel.

A chaotic, grimy space isn’t going to earn you their business. Don’t turn people off before you even get the chance to tell them about your interior design services.

Make sure your office and showroom reflects the high-quality your brand represents by hiring a commercial floor cleaning company to come in and work their magic.

3. Maintain a happy team

You and your employees spend a lot of time at your workplace. You may even consider it a kind of home-away-from-home.

When the office is well-maintained, you’re giving your team the best environment in which to be creative, efficient, productive and happy.

Your employees are representatives of your brand. Plus, they can also be an effective marketing medium.

They talk about their job to family, friends and probably even share on their social media outlets.

No one wants to promote a business that doesn’t make them feel valued.

And their productivity? In the tank.

Keeping your workspace clean and maintained shows your team that you care about them and that you want to provide them an opportunity to thrive.

4. Encourage tidiness in your employees

When your office is clean, employees are more motivated to keep their personal areas – like their desk or cubicle – tidy, too.

While your team should be tasked with the responsibility for their own spaces, never put the burden of cleaning on employees.

Investing in a commercial floor cleaning company for your interior design firm is a great place to start.

Another consideration is hiring a professional cleaner to come in on a regular basis. You can schedule everything ahead of time so you don’t have to remember every month, week, etc.

(HammondKnoll’s Stay Beautiful program is worth looking into for your business.)

5. Keep germs from spreading

An uncleaned workspace is a giant germ party. They breed with reckless abandon and you and your employees pay the price.

Allergies and sickness spread like wildfire and that means your productivity will slow way down as team members have to call off.

Keep your workplace clean and sanitized to ward off the ugly germs that are just waiting to infect you.

Trust a commercial floor cleaning company

Your interior design business’ success depends on making a great first impression.

Your area of expertise is aesthetics and dirty floors, stained carpets and smudgy windows don’t fit the bill.

But that’s not the only reason you should call on a commercial floor cleaning company.

Cleanliness helps you advance your brand, sets a good example for your team, and keeps germs from spreading.

Consider HammondKnoll’s Stay Beautiful program and take the burden of remembering to schedule cleaning off your plate.